Meet Alyssa - our first Indigenous Scholarship recipient.

Alyssa is 11 years old, and is one of six children being raised by a single mum. Her favourite subjects at school are English and Maths, in which she shows great promise. 

The Scholarship has provided the foundations for Alyssa’s education: her uniform, schoolbooks, stationery and school excursions. As the Scholarship is self-sustaining, Alyssa will continue to be supported for the remainder of primary school and all the way through high school.

You made this possible, and this is only the beginning!

Education empowers you to discover your talents, passions and dreams. No child should miss out on the opportunity to go to school because his/her family can't afford it. In Australia, a persistent gap exists in levels of education between Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous people. 

100% of the profits from Society&Co Apparel are used to grow our Indigenous Scholarship Fund. The fund then generates income to finance Scholarships for at risk Indigenous children.  Better yet - it's self-sustaining - with each dollar invested in the fund providing repeated benefits, year after year. 

The Scholarships are granted through our Indigenous Impact Partners to local Indigenous students they see as at risk of missing out on an education. The scholarship covers the costs of school essentials such as uniforms, books and stationery. 

You can help provide education to at risk Indigenous children by shopping Society&Co. You'll also become a Citizen of Society&Co!