Society&Co create real social and environmental change through fashion apparel. We provide grants to our Impact Partners, whose work falls under one of our Four Pillars – Education, Social Justice, Health and the Environment.




100% of the profits from our fashion apparel are invested in our Impact Fund, which is professionally managed by Australian Ethical Investments.  Our Impact Fund is self-sustaining; the principal remains untouched, whilst the income generated each year finances the grants to our Impact Partners. This ensures that we are creating long-term change, as we are providing sustainable grants to our Impact Partners each and every year. 


  • Education: The Australian Literacy and Numeracy Foundation provide literacy, speech and numeracy services to individuals in poverty, sickness, self-distress, misfortune, disability, destitution and helplessness.
  • Social Justice: Long Street Coffee – provide life-changing paid hospitality traineeships to asylum seekers and refugees.
  • Health: LIVIN – support mental health awareness and suicide prevention. LIVIN’s educational programs help reduce the stigma around mental health through their message "It ain’t weak to speak".
  • Environment: Boomerang Bags – help reduce plastic waste by creating re-useable bags from recycled materials as a sustainable alternative to plastic.



When you shop Society&Co, you can choose your impact based on the cause that means most to you! Through Society&Co's Impact Fund, your purchase will have a perpetual impact. What will you choose it to be?

  • Education - provide 20 days of an educational scholarship to an at risk Australian child.
  • Social Justice - provide 1 hour of paid hospitality training and work for an asylum seeker/refugee.
  • Health - enable 15 children to attend a mental health awareness and education program.
  • Environment - enable the creation of 10 reusable bags, preventing 5,000 plastic bags from entering circulation.

You can become a Citizen of Society&Co and choose your impact, by shopping Society&Co