Everybody deserves an equal opportunity to live, learn and flourish - regardless of who they are, where they're from or how much money they have. In order to continue creating opportunity for future generations, the global population needs to adapt a more sustainable way of living. Our current approach is taking a serious toll on the environment. Sustainability isn’t an option - it's a must.

We're committed to driving positive social and environmental change through fashion apparel. We believe there's great opportunity to utilise Australia's $19 billion retail fashion industry to provide simple and accessible ways for everybody to contribute to positive change. 









We’re bringing this vision to life through our Impact Fund, which provides a sustainable funding model for the grants delivered to our Impact Partners from each of our Four Pillars. You can join our ever-expanding community of inspired change-makers by becoming a Citizen of Society&Co




Ethical responsibility is a key consideration throughout our supply chain. Our garments are sourced from two suppliers. The first is AS Colour, who have a strong ethical charter around fair trade and human rights, and are also Child Labour Free certified (which you can read more about here: The second is Los Angeles Apparel, who also have a strong social and environmental framework, and have been a leading advocate for fair trade and work standards in the US, where their factories are based. You can read more about their values here:

We make every effort to minimise our impact on the environment, such as with plastic-free packaging. Your apparel sports a recycled card hang-tag, is wrapped in recycled paper packaging and is shipped to you in a recycled paper padded post bag.